Expected Release Dates


Fall 2014
  • We expect the iPad edition will set a new standard not just for Irish music, but for music instructional methods with its ease of use, layout, embedded resources, and direct links to references and other connections.

Interactive PDF

Winter 2014
  • This edition for for Windows & Android will be nearly identical to the iPad version, designed for full-size tablets and desktops, with resources embedded. Not appropriate for smaller screens due to the fixed sizes.

Print Edition

Winter 2014
  • With password-protected direct connections to recordings and resources on CeolMusic.com, via hyperlink addresses and embedded QR codes. CDs & DVDs containing resources available at additional cost.


Spring 2015

These second editions of the iPad & PDF versions will access all resources via direct connection to our website. Download times and storage will be greatly reduced. An active internet connection will be required to access resources.

Free, easy updates.

In the iPad edition, all updates will be "pushed" directly to the user's device. Registered users of the interactive PDF version will be notified whenever and update is available.

Built for ease of us.

CEOL is designed using the same navigation system used in many other interactive books, magazines, and apps: Navigate up and down within a section, and sideways to move between sections.

Outstanding content

With embedded audio and video resources. Featuring outstanding recordings from world-class Irish musicians like Kevin Crawford, Joanie Madden, Cillian Vallely, Brian Conway, and Martin Hayes.

Easy to Download.

With embedded audio and video, these are large apps. But they are divided into sections to be downloaded separately and stored in the cloud when not in use.

Questions? Comments?

We would love to hear from you! Please email us at ceolpress@gmail.com or visit our Ceol Press Twitter or Facebook pages.


This is much more than a collection of tunes. It is a way to learn to play—and teach—Irish traditional music with an understanding of culture and style. Ceol contains sections on cultural history; the background of the music, instruments, and tunes; technical instruction; and important discussions of music education philosophy for teachers who use this method. It is built on a foundation of impressive audio and video resources.


Instruction is presented in the traditional way, via modeling provided by our audio and video resources. Research has consistently proven that this is the best way to learn music, despite the vast majority of music instructional methods conintinuing to use a reading-first approach. But Ceol does provide both modes of instruction for different learners: Style, technique, and tunes are all learned through modeling, and written notation is provided as secondary reinforcement.